Leslie Jones

Education: I have a degree in professional writing and archaeology from Baylor University. I graduated December 2008.

Experience: My writing career as a freelancer is fairly new. I’ve only been writing full time since June, 2013. However, I have been doing small freelance writing jobs since 2009. Before that I studied writing in college. Before college I wrote for myself. I have been a writer for as long as I can remember.

Skills: The best skill which I possess is my creativity. I also am professional, versatile and great with communication. I enjoy injecting a little humor in my work. Life without humor is an empty existence.

Professional Affiliations: I am a member of The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors.



2 thoughts on “Qualifications

  1. You have a very nice Blog. You are terrific at putting your thoughts so cohesively in writing.

    I wish for you all the best and on your road trip!


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