A Not So Epic Start – Originally published 9/21/13

So, I’ve been told that as a writer I should keep a blog.  I’ve never been good at keeping blogs but I’m going to try.  I was never even good at keeping a journal.

I guess I should give a brief overview of what brought me here and what this blog will be about.

Around the first of June (maybe as early as the end of April) I decided that unemployment sucked and a writing business was the way to go.  I poked around and applied to a few writing jobs and now have a couple of steady clients.  I am not writing what I wish to write but it is a start.  I’m not making even half of what low end educated freelance writers should make but I am paying my cell phone bill.

At the end of June to the beginning of July I was supposed to go on a road trip to California with my best friend.  First we were going with two other girls then plans changed to her and I alone.  Of course she backed out and left me itching to get out of town and nobody with which to go.  I decided that I would go somewhere alone and chose to stay for three days at a hostel in Seaside, Oregon.

I had the best time in Seaside and met people who were full of wander lust.  Staying in a hostel is an experience that all likable people should try.  While there, I learned that most hostels do something called work exchange where you work in the hostel and stay rent free.  Some people travel all over very inexpensively staying in hostels and working.

Suddenly I had the wander lust bug myself.  I wanted to work and live in a hostel.  I could work a few hours everyday and write the rest of the time.  All I need to work is my laptop and an internet connection.  Unfortunately I had two issues with this idea.

The first and the most easily overcome issue is that I do not have a car.  Luckily craigslist.org has a rideshares section and the US is full of buses.  A person could travel a large portion of the US by city bus linking from one bus system to another if he or she is so inclined.  Additionally, Greyhound goes pretty much everywhere.

The second issue is that I happen to have a little dog named Comet.  Comet was found, by me, on craigslist and I paid a “re-homing” fee of $65 and took him home.  I got him because after my dog Shadow died in January, my life ended and I needed a new baby to restart it.  He did restart my life.  I will never stop missing Shadow, Shadow was so very special, but I love this new mutt.  As much as my dog makes my life worth living, he also makes my life more difficult.  Hostels are rarely pet friendly.  I understand why.  Not everyone cleans up after a dog, some guest may have allergies and many dogs bark and cause trouble.  Comet has a few loose screws even so he is prone to trouble causing.

I wanted to work at the hostel in Seaside.  I love the Oregon coast and I loved that hostel.  However, they were not interested in someone who had a dog.  Even a cute little dog.  They did offer to let me work there for a week but I had left Comet for three whole days and wanted to get back to him.  I went home determined to somehow feed my wander lust.

The best way to find what one needs is to find it online.  That is what I did.  I jumped online and posted an ad looking for a hostel that would let me work there and bring my dog.  In the meantime, I came up with a backup plan.  The goal was to save for a car and once I could afford one I would go on an epic road trip with Comet and drive and write.

I continued working on my writing business and completely forgot about my post looking for a hostel that would take me and my dog.  Around the 25th of August, I got an email from a woman telling me about the Birch Bay Hostel in Blaine, WA.  They would be interested in a volunteer to live there and a pet would be acceptable.

Off I went to almost Canada with my little dog in a stranger’s car.