Distinctive Guest up until now – originally Published 11/16/13

Other then the Alex kid, Arron and that family which are previously mentioned, many interesting people have been in and out of the hostel.  These are in no specific order.  Just as I think of each.


I feel Geno deserves special credit.  Comet hates him for no perceivable reason.   I feel so bad.  Geno is so nice.  He is 21, polite, follows rules and helps out.  He keeps to himself because my psycho dog barks like a crazed lunatic whenever he is around.  I’ve squashed some of the barking with a water and vinegar mix (a magic trick that helps with excessive barking).  However, Comet still growls and acts like Geno is a puppy killer.  Comet is a good dog but has loose screws.


Brian is another person that Comet hates.  However, I cannot blame Comet on this one.  Brian is no longer here but I’m sure a return would be marked with Comet’s complaints.  The reason for Comet’s hate is because one day we were all sitting in the common area watching television and I found a bug crawling on my hand.  I screamed as the bug startled me.  Brian came to the rescue by hitting the bug with his shoes.  Now Brian is a big guy and a former Marine.  His shoes are probably not much lighter then Comet.  Comet was sitting on my lap, as normal and logically thought the shoes was being swung at him.  Comet responded by jumping behind the couch and barking madly.  Poor dog.

Otherwise, Brian was a perfectly nice guy.  He drove me to a diner in Bellingham and to the store.  He had interesting stories and was reasonably nonjudgmental.  Brian was terrible at cleaning up after himself but he was a sweet guy so he is forgiven.


A picture of Brian.


Richard was a guy who came to the hostel because he was turned away at the Canadian border because he smelled of alcohol.  He claims it had been at least 2 hours since he drank.  He was held in a cell for 24 hours.  Which explains my fear of the Canadian border.

Richard eventually left and was able to go over the border.  On his way back he stopped and checked in.  He also came to pick up his backpack that he left with me.  While he was here he carved this pumpkin and made it look almost disturbingly like Comet.  I will add pics later.

Comet Pumkin                comet

Kind of creepy no?

Laura and Jim:

Laura and Jim are awesome.  They are both Engineers with PhDs.  Laura is a freelancer like me.  They are kind of health nuts but that’s probably a good thing.  We had many conversations.  They left a day or two earlier then they should because of DS.  I miss them.

Robert #1:

Robert #1 went by Bob…so I will call him Bob.  He was here before me with the previous assistant manager.  I guess he and the previous assistant manager were dating and they fought like crazy.  Bob came with a fairly quiet teenager named Chris.  I actually liked both of them.  Bob drove me to the grocery store, cooked us all an amazing diner, was sometimes funny (sometimes his jokes were in bad taste) and fairly helpful.  He told me a lot of things that probably are not true like that Ken was supposed to pay me and that Ken was stealing from the hostel but he was pleasant.  He made promises to help DS’s family fix a car and promises to do many things but snuck away one early morning and left without paying his rent for the week.  Very bad form.

Robert #2:

Robert was a totally different drama.  He was dropped off here and while I did not get the full story until later, here is the reason.  Robert is a Native American (his race will become significant later) who at 17 was in a bad wreck.  The wreck damaged his brain and he had to learn how to walk and talk again.  He was clearly off.  He was being dropped off because he was a burden on his family and he had attacked his sister.  He had a court date in late October (maybe early November) and nobody wanted to watch after him.

He teased poor Comet which immediately made me dislike him.  I also have a fear of mentally disabled people as I was molested by one when I was 12.  He made inappropriate comments like saying that the hummus I made looked like cum and kept asking the women who lived in the hostel to go to bed with him.  Including Delores who is 65.  He hit on my volunteers and would make people very uncomfortable.  He played with DS a lot and seemed to fine with her.

Honestly, I could have refused to let him stay.  In fact, DS’s mother and grandmother thought I should have refused him service.   They insisted that I move him upstairs and away from DS’s room.  I moved him mostly because I put him in a dorm room with Brian and Robert snored so loud that Brian didn’t get sleep.  However, I refuse to discriminate based on mental disabilities.  I refuse to discriminate based on what someone might do.  I feel that is right up there with discriminating based on race, sexual orientation, gender, age and religion.  I wont do it nor will I knowingly be a part of someplace that does.

Robert did get kicked out.  He had probably gone off whatever medication that was making him mentally stable.  One night he was walking around in his boxers…raggedy boxers and acting creepy.  He touched me foot and I told him that was certainly not ok.  The next morning he had drawn a peace symbol on Ken’s sacred drum with a dry erase marker.  I do not know much about Native American traditions but I am given to understand that that drum was either a gift or gotten through a vision quest.  Since Robert was Native, he should have known better.  He also wrote weird stuff on some of the signs and was in general rude.

I told him to leave and gave him 2 hours.  His father picked him up.  That made life a little better.

I was luckily able to get most of the marker off Ken’s drum.  However, it is still somewhat visible.

David and Baron:

David and Baron are an older couple who used to be in the navy in the 80’s.  They net there and got married in the 90’s.  They staid in the hostel for 3 weeks waiting for the papers on their house to go through.  Comet loved them.  I adore them.  Even though they are about the age of my parent’s they seemed older but cooler.  It was like hanging out with grandparents.  They had no children so they did not mind.  Baron was rather superstitious but awesome enough that I could look past that.  They sat upstairs most of the day and watched TV.  I watched with them a lot.

They just left and are getting their house together.  I am hopefully going to visit them soon.  I got a house warming gift and everything.

Well.  I am going to leave off blogging for now.  I have 2 more big stories and I shall be caught up.  Go me!


dinner    dinner 2

Dinner for everyone at the hostel