More Catching Up…and some complaining I guess – Origanally published 11/16/13

I decided to break things into separate posts.  Not totally sure why.  Not many things marked my days as special so this shouldn’t take long.

As time went on I was discovering that the family staying here was a family of bossy neat freaks.  They seemed to think they were more in charge then I was and I let things be as I understood that they were not in an ideal situation and I am not one to need to be in control of everyone.  I liked them well enough although the little girl got more and more dreadful as time went on.

That child makes me rethink my stance on abortion.  (For the record my stance on abortion is that I would never have one and but I think it should be legal and every woman has the right to decide how she feels about it.  I don’t judge other for getting one and just because I’ve made a person choice to never get one does not mean that I should force that on others.)  After meeting this child I think maybe abortion should be practiced more often.  (I am joking…please don’t take deep offense…or do I don’t actually care.)  DS (the name I give the little girl, short of Devil’s Spawn) was too forceful with my dog and at times mean.  She chased him with a broom, tried to start fights between him and her orange cat (who wasn’t really supposed to be in the hostel), kicked Comet once or twice, teased him with food, would jump over him barely missing landing on his tiny body and constantly yelled at him for random stuff that didn’t matter.

Worst of all the child is rarely supervised.  She did things like go upstairs and throw pepper all over the dining area, paint nail polish all over her room and shower and get into the dish soap and pour it all over the place.  She threw her cat down the stairs. (Can you say blossoming serial killer?)  Terrifying stuff.  Her mother has no patience for her and is gone at school/studying from early morning to late evening.  Natane also ignores her for the most part when she is here and makes excuses for her otherwise.  DS was the cause of more then one guest leaving earlier then planned.  Not a good situation.  Needless to say I tried my best to limit the time DS spent with my Comet dog.

I actually have a feeling that if DS’s requests to her mom to “just hold me” was met with more cuddles, DS would be less Devil Spawn like.  Of course, I don’t know much about child rearing.  Maybe they are doing fine raising her and she just naturally has a bad personality.  Maybe it’s what all 4 year old children are like.  I’ve not been around a 4 year old for almost 4 years so maybe my memory is weak.

Natane referred an older woman from her school here.  The School is the Northwest Indian College, which seems to be a little sketchy from what I’ve heard.  The woman still lives here and while at first I found her annoying, I actually like her now.  I find most people annoying, it’s when I can push past the annoying parts and still like that person that I actually start liking them.

If only I could write this much on my NANOWRIMO project.  Sheesh.