Trying to Catch up to the Present I am – Origanally published 11/16/13

wOOt…it only took me a week to get to this one!

My first week was spent running around telling people I had no idea what I was doing and trying to figure out where everything was.  Additionally, I was struggling as I’d been off my meds for a few months.  (I have bipolar…jolly).

The family that lived here seemed really nice if not a little illogical so I had a lot of help figuring everything out.  As Native Americans they claimed to not believe in any religion that did not originate on this continent (North America).  Which is illogical to me as it is proven that life started in Africa and therefore everything started there.  Additionally, the whole Pangaea thing means that all things originated on the only continent that existed.  Of course, I am agnostic so I see all religion and superstitious beliefs as unlikely.

Poor Comet was so nervous with the new people coming and going.  This of course was great for him as we are planing to go on a road trip and he is going to have to get used to new people and places.

Because I was really told very little, I had to figure out what I was doing as I went.  Which meant I had to search for clues and make it up as I went.  I soon had working order of the office and a procedure to check people into the hostel.

Within my first two weeks I got my first problem guest.  He began his stay by not being able to find the hostel and calling me three times for directions.  I can’t hold that against anyone.  I get lost so much I think I’ve spent years worth of time wondering around lost.  He then started in on wanting me to cut him a deal for staying here.  Err no.

I was told very distinctly by a man who owns a tower near the hostel that I was the boss and to not cut anyone any deals.  While I am willing to help people out, I do not like to be scammed and had no problem not cutting any deals.  Staying in a hostel is a deal.

We shall call the first trouble guest Alex because that is his name.  Alex continued by telling me that I look and act like I am 17.  I know I look young and have a innocent voice but seriously.  He then proceeded to refuse to smoke 25 feet from the building.  He also left sinks full of dishes, a big no no in a hostel.  He was confrontational and once accused me of saying mean things about him under my breath while I was just sitting silently.  (I may have been thinking mean things but that is besides the point.)  Comet never liked him and most people he eventually grows to like.

Alex also accused me of pick pocketing him…a skill that I am not graceful enough to have and Netane (the Mother of the little 4 year old) of cooking food that somehow gave him an instant headache.  Lesley (the grandmother of the 4 year old) for some reason thought he was switching rooms and when I asked him about he freaked out.  I learned first to not trust what Lesley said and second that this Alex kid was completely unstable.

The Alex kid also didn’t understand basic figures of speech.  For instance, when he checked in several people were checking into the hostel and the phone was ringing like a fire alarm.  I said “I’m suddenly very popular.”  He didn’t understand that…he took me literally.  I also asked him if he was “playing musical rooms” when I asked if he had switched rooms and he was so confused by that statement it took 15 minutes of me and someone else trying to explain the figure of speech.

During Alex’s stay another gentleman staid with us who I wish could stay longer.  His name was Aaron and he was so sweet and defused the unstable Alex more then once.  He was on his way up to Canada to volunteer but was turned away.  Canada is very concerned that people will illegally go there to work.  The USA is Canada’s Mexico.  Aaron was Jewish (clearly unorthodox Jewish as he willingly tore into the pork ribs we barbecued one day) and I’ve come to the conclusion that unorthodox Jewish boys are the nicest boys out there.  (This is based on 3 Jewish males that I’ve met.  Probably not a fair sample to come to this conclusion but at least it is a nice racial stereotype.)

After Arron left, we just had Alex with which to socialize.  He began bringing his cigarette butts, and probably also smoking, in his room.  I think he got the impression that I was about to kick him out because he then left.  I changed the code to the door.  Alex is now on a banned list.