Trying to keep up with a blog is difficult – 11/8/13

Everyday I think about writing in my blog and everyday I decide other writing projects are more important.  I have to get in the habit of writing this.  Grr.

Anyway, back to more about the hostel.

The Birch Bay Hostel is in this little tourist town on the Canadian boarder.  I don’t have a passport so I cannot go into Canada.  I’m under the impression that Canada isn’t that great anyway.

The hostel itself if in the Horizon Park complex which was once an air force base.  The park has a camp on it that is used for disabled youths for a couple months in the summer.  I got here after the camp had let out.

When I let myself into the hostel, nobody was here.  Nobody was around at all.  The gentleman who gave me the ride decided to stay with me until he knew Comet and I were safe.  I called Ken the manager, he said he’d be home in a couple hours and that I should pick a room and make myself at home.

I had no idea what room to pick.  I knew I was supposed to get my own room and no way in hell was I going to be sharing.  I hauled Comet’s crate and everything upstairs and set in front of the large TV that would later cause me much strife.  I fixed my Comet dog some water and nervously sat.

The front door of the hostel is a tricky one.  The lock box has to have the code punched to get it back into the slot.  To lock the door, one has to lift the handle on the outside and turn the lock.  I had no idea how to lock it.  I also had no idea if anyone was staying in the hostel.

Additionally I was rather concerned as Comet had never been in a new place like this and I was worried he would freak and and pee everywhere.  Instead he examined every corner of the upstairs.  He probably learned more about the hostel in that time we sat upstairs that first night then I have the entire time we’ve been here.

Finally I heard people.  They came upstairs, all worried because the door was unlocked and the key removed.  It turns out that they were guests who had been here for about a month.  There are 3 of them (yes, they are still here over 2 months later) a 56 (later to turn 57) year old woman, a 29 (later  to turn 30) year old woman and a 4 year old girl. They helped me pick a room (which I later switched) and figure out where a couple things were.

Ken got home much later.  Told me very little but made plans to talk in the morning.  So, I went to bed.  Comet slept in the bed with me just like he has every night since I got him.

The next day basically Ken gave me the passwords to everything and turned me loose.  I was now an assistant manager without ever doing anything managerial before at all.  I soon found out I was mostly on my own and pretty much completely in charge.  Good times.


Here are some pictures of the cutest dog in the world.

Comet    Comet