Saying goodbyes

Note: So far any comments made on my blog were sent to the spam folder.  I am not sure what is and isn’t spam.  If anyone posted a real comment, I’m sorry it got deleted.  I am pretty sure they were all spam but I don’t want to be mean.

About a month after I arrived at the Birch Bay Hostel, we got a letter from the Whatcom county Parks and Recreation department saying we would have to close December 31st.   The reason for the closing is not entirely clear to me.  There seems to be a sick rivalry between the hostel and the camp, also run by the Loin’s club, that surrounds the hostel.  (I mean sick as in the disturbing what-is-wrong-with-you-people sort of sick.  Not the sick as in really awesome sort of sick.)  That rivalry seems to be mostly on one side but I’m not entirely sure.  I walked into the mess.  The only thing to know is that the hostel is closing in a few weeks.

As the hostel gets ready to close and as people move on, I feel strange watching them go and knowing that I will be leaving soon as well.  Not all of the partings are on good terms and some of them are sad.  I know I’m on to a new adventure soon but I will still miss this adventure.

The first parting was the family with the little girl.  They left a week or so before Thanksgiving out of anger because I made it clear that the hostel was not just their place to run.  They did not seem to get the concept of a hostel and somehow seemed to think it was a house they were renting and allowing others to stay in some rooms.  They were horribly rude and accused me of many untrue and unreasonable things.  I will not get into all of it but needless to say, if they had not left I might have kicked them out.  They bent and broke too many rules that I let go for me to put up with abuse.  They went to go live in a trailer with the former assistant manager of the hostel.  I did not expect this to go well as I had heard very few good things about this woman.

The next people I lost was actually due to the previously mentioned guest.  An older couple stayed in the hostel while waiting for their house to papers to get straightened.  Their names are David and Baron.   Comet and I went there one day and then also for Thanksgiving.  A couple days before Thanksgiving I found out that the family with the child had paid a week’s rent to the old assistant manager and she sold the trailer from under them and they were out in their car.  I have to admit, I did not feel sorry for them.  Their behavior was atrocious and such behavior typically comes to an unpleasant end.  It is true, I can be somewhat cold.

The first time Comet and I were at their new house, Baron was very excited to let Comet run around in the back yard.  Comet ran about gleefully.  Unfortunately, not all of their yard is fenced.  I thought I was doing a good job keeping an eye on Comet.  Suddenly I noticed that he had wandered off.  I called him and he obediently came to my call.  The only issue was that he was covered head to paws in very smelly manure.  I was going to hose him off but it was far too cold.  Instead, I ended up throwing him in their tub and washing him with shampoo.  He couldn’t run around their new house like that.

I adore David and Baron.  Baron seems to have been mentally damaged by some chemicals she ran across in the Navy.  Spending time with them was like spending time with affectionate parents.  Not that my parents are not affectionate but I rarely feel like I get any approval from them.  I’m not even sure they, particularly my dad, support my choice to work as a freelance writer instead of a normal job.  I’m so tired of working under someone else’s thumb.  I was meant to be a freelancer.  I felt accepted by David and Baron and they are almost exactly the age of my parents.

Thanksgiving was lovely.  I drank alcohol on Thanksgiving for the first time in my life.  (My parents think alcohol is evil.)  Granted it was probably one shot of rum, but still a new experience.   but the next day I learned that the family with the devil’s spawn child was going to move in with David and Baron.  I cannot go over there and visit David and Baron as it would be awkward.  I worry as I foresee them staying with David and Baron until one group becomes upset and it blows up into a big thing.  I feel a little abandoned.  I have abandonment issues.  I have almost as intense of abandonment issues as my dog who has extreme separation anxiety.

The next person who left me was Delores.  Her semester at school is over and she went home to be with her family.  I’m glad she gets to go home with her family but I miss her.  We bonded over our annoyance of the devil’s spawn and other issues with the adults in that family.  Delores spent most of her free time watching TV with me.  I was perfectly happy to hang out and watch TV as I almost always ha the television on in the background while I am writing.  Delores always tried to get me to eat.  I eat plenty and as a bigger girl, I am trying to eat less and lose a little weight.  Luckily for me, the medication I just restarted taking makes me lose weight.  I’m not obsessed with being thin, I just want to be at a healthy weight for me.  However, Delores is one of those people who wants everyone to eat and be merry.

Currently I spend most of my time with Stephanie.  A transgender who is staying at the hostel.  (I only mention her as a transgender because she looks and acts male but has a female’s name and prefers she as a pronoun.   I am pro gay rights and honestly don’t really often consider a person’s gender or sexual identification.  I don’t care.  People are people are people.)  We watch TV most of the day.  I am of course writing or looking for new writing jobs a good part of that time.  Comet really likes Stephanie and she feeds Comet wheat thins and pizza crust a lot.

My little alien dog wanting to play:

My little alien

Everything sucks because I am excited to be going home but I will miss the hotel, Stephanie and even Ken.  My brother is going to pick Comet and I up.  Zachery, my brother, is staying here for 2 or 3 days and then we are going back by way of Seattle.  We are going to visit my friend who visited me in October and see the Space Needle.  I am going to take a red chair back with me.  The red chair is the most comfortable chair in the world.  I often sleep in this chair.  Comet loves it also.

I feel a weird sense of dread and excitement.  This adventure is hard to leave.  As the days of this adventure come to a close I find myself cleaning to it.  Comet will miss this place.  I will miss this place.

Comet and his Chair:

Comet ontop of his chair       Comet's chair


Aww… Delores just called me to see how I am.  I feel loved.  🙂

Video of Comet running around.  This is why he will miss the hostel…it’s his jungle gym. (This link goes to my facebook)

Comet playing