Going Out

My last few days at the hostel seem strangely slow and fast.  I’m excited that my brother will be here soon and sad to leave.

Whining Section:

I’m also under a lot of strain to find some more freelancing gigs.  I’m about ready to go back somewhere where I have to pay rent.  My dad charges me $200/month.  Even though that is very little, it is a lot when you aren’t making anything.  I’m bored, I need writing to keep my mind working.  I want to be making money with my writing.  Somehow the making money from writing seems to make my degree worth something.

I’m also stressed because I hate it at my parent’s house.  I’ve lived here free for three months in a comparatively nice environment.  My parent’s house is icky, cluttered and I am often treated like dirt.  I’ve gotten used to being treated like an intelligent human here.  It’s hard to go back to dealing with being yelled at and treated like a subhuman.  I will only be there a month or two but that is long enough to be miserable.

Whining over:

I am about to go out for the first time since I got here.  I’m actually perfectly happy to stay at home and watch TV.  I have plenty of writing and writing job searching to keep me occupied.

The reason why I am going out is because a gentleman, Ed, who is staying here is about to leave and he wants to take me out to have fun.  We are going to go to the casino.  I don’t want to gamble but I’ve heard the food is awesome.  Besides, I’ve not been in a casino before.

Gambling seems like an awful waste of money.  Sometimes when I am out I put $2 into a video poker machine to watch it disappear.  This action serves to remind me that gambling is a bad idea.

Ed is very bothered by the fact that I do not have a boyfriend.  Having a boyfriend for me right now would be foolish.  I’m about to go on an epic adventure across the United States.  This adventure might take months or even a year or two.  I can’t expect some guy to wait for me somewhere.

Well, we shall see how this goes.  Maybe I will drop a nickel into a slot machine.