Going out part 2

I dropped more than a nickel into the slot machines.  Luckily none of the nickels were mine.  I honestly was disappointed.  I thought they’d have some actual old fashioned nickel slot machines but they were all mechanic.  Can you tell that was my first time in a casino?  Ed insisted I keep playing and he paid for it.  I had planned to go out, eat dinner with this guy and play a couple dollars on a slot machine.  Instead, he ended up spending about $150 (including dinner and gas) and winning about $500.  He played some weird version of poker called Fortune something-or-other and got 2 straights in a row.  Anything I played lost of course.

Now I am about to describe a situation I seem to find myself in often.  I was under the impression that we were going out as friends.  Right now I’ve no desire to date anyone.  Romance is the last thing on my mind.  I am about to go on my epic road trip.  Guys are their neediness are not what I want at all.  Because of this in my eyes, a straight male might as well be a gay male or a straight female because I’ve as little interest in romance as I do in growing a second head.  As the night went on, Ed got more and more grabby.  He wasn’t getting anything from me at the end of the night but I did not feel bad since he ended up winning a decent chunk of money.

When we got out to the car he wanted to get a hotel room and go out the next night.  When I said no, I needed to go back to my dog, he wanted to stay in my bed or me to stay in his.  He kept trying to feel me up and kiss me.  I let him kiss me but nothing more.  I get the feeling that he wanted a Caucasian notch in his belt not that he really liked me.  My theory is that because I am full figured like many Hispanic girls, I am attractive to Hispanic men but exotic because I’m pale and Irish looking.  Regardless, I’ve left my slutty stage behind and I’ve no desire to be one more skin color for a guy to tick off his list.  He kept talking about how he wanted to move to Oregon and get a house with me.  Little do my parents know that if I wasn’t so picky, they could have a grandchild within the year.  Yuck.

I brushed him off as gently and firmly as possible and he left the next morning.  If I’d known I was going to catch his cold from him I would have been a little more forceful.