Goodbye Birch Bay!

My youngest brother came to pick me up at the hostel.  We had a lot of fun.  I took him around Birch Bay, took him to eat pizza in the casino and showed him why I love the Birch Bay Hostel so much.  I even took him to the bay to pick up rocks as he is a huge lover of collecting rocks.  He has a rock tumbler and occasionally sells his rocks.

We went to the Peace Arch park and I went to Canada willingly this time.  Comet again peed on Canada.

Pictures from Peace Arch Park:

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Note: The last picture is my youngest brother Zachery.

Thursday we left.  My cold kept getting worse and worse as time went on so the drive was miserable.

I always knew I would leave the hostel but somehow I always envisioned it going on without me.  The fact that it is closing due to some petty rivalries is sad.  Some people are trying to save the hostel but at this point I do not see it happening.

Comet and I are back at my parent’s house.  I am still fighting my cold and trying to decide what is next.  Portland is where I stay until at least after January 20th.  Zachery turns 21 on January 20th and I don’t want to miss that.  I will be trying to make as much money writing as possible and will hopefully find another hostel in a new place.  I don’t care where I go, so long as I’ve never been there before.