As I was Saying… …Yeah I’m Proud of Myself

There I was, panicking about a lack of work and as usual I was freaking out too soon.  Granted, I didn’t get a million dollar book deal or anything (I think one has to write a book first).  Nevertheless, I did get a blog published and hopefully some more jobs with them in the future.

I got paid a decent amount of money.  Nothing to sneeze at for one blog.  However, I am not excited about the money.  I’m excited because I was both paid for writing the blog and the blog was published under my name.  Thus far all of my work has been ghostwriting.  Ghostwriting jobs are fine with me.  I’m not as worried about getting my name out there as I am about making money.  I’m a poor writer, I have student loans and let’s face it I goof off instead of writing and making money a lot.  Despite my attitude, there is something really satisfying about having my name on something that I got money to write.

So, In honor of my self satisfaction, I am going to share my blog on all of my internet social sharing mediums.  Besides, some people actually might find it useful.

Hey look!  It mentions Baylor and NAIWE 🙂

This is Ridiculous

Here I sit waiting to find some more freelance jobs.  I’ll even take data entry at this point.  The worst thing is that I’m pretty sure I will sit for a couple more days with no work and then all the sudden I will get more jobs than I can handle at the worst possible time.  Seems reasonable.

Additionally, the Unemployment Self Employment Assistance program I used ran out and while I qualified for emergency unemployment extension, unless congress does approve it that is now gone.

As I am suffering through trying to find writing gigs, I thought I’d share tips on dealing with slumps that have worked for me in the past.

1. Don’t Give Up

Eventually, unless you are a complete moron, you will find a gig somewhere.  We all go through slumps.  Also, for some reason everything seems to need done at once.

2. Take Advantage of the Free Time

Even though looking for work is as much of a job as working, use the time to do projects of your own.  Write short stories, clean the garage, work on that sewing project, catch up on your reading or even get your love of video games fulfilled.  Applying for writing gigs doesn’t demand a deadline like many projects.

3. Don’t Become Desperate 

I know you are desperate.  For goodness sake, I am desperate.  If I don’t find something soon I will not have money for my 3 day trip to visit my friend in Seattle, I will never be able to leave on my epic road trip and eventually my remaining $40 will run out.  However, desperation leads to desperate acts and soon you will find yourself pounding out blogs for $1.50/500 words.  Even if you are a super fast writer, it isn’t worth it.  Sure data entry sucks but if it pays well, it’s better than working your bum off to not even make enough to buy a bus pass.

4. Don’t Completely Stop Writing    

Getting out of the habit of writing is easy.  Write even if you are blogging (thus this blog post), writing in a journal, posting articles on sites such as Squido, building your portfolio to show potential clients or writing that fictional piece that has been haunting you.  In fact, even if you write some poorly written (or well written) fan fiction, keep writing.

5. Start Some Good Habits

While you are stressing out about not having work, and let’s face it you are probably stressing out, release some of that tension by starting a new daily routine.  Have you been meaning to take up jogging?  Do it.  Once you get into the habit of jogging every day, you can work it around work when you get more gigs.  The good habit doesn’t need to be jogging.  Maybe you want to take a new craft or maybe you want to learn how to cook healthier.  Regardless, try taking your stress out in a healthy way instead of on yourself or loved ones.

Anyway, keep me in mind while I panic, look for gigs and check every 2 hours to see if congress will extend emergency unemployment after all.  As impossible as it may seem, I’m sure I will be overwhelmed with work in a few days.  *sigh*


This should be a short post as I’ve not much to report.  Unless everyone wants to read about my outing last night in which I took on the role of DD for the first time in my life.

Here I am back in Portland, Oregon.  I love my family/friends and I like Portland.  I missed my friends and everyone.  I also feel an intense let down being here again.  I’m scared that I will never leave.  The last 5 years seems to have been a series of bright ideas falling into the great pit that is my own fear.  I apparently enjoy self sabotage.

Comet seems to miss the hostel but I think I’m probably projecting my feelings onto my innocent and currently sleeping dog.   Why my dog sleeps on his back like this I do not know.  However it is funny and cute.



Maybe I post a little too much about my puppy.  However, ask me if I care.


Now I just have to save up to take off on my epic journey.  I’m possibly thinking Tucson first.  I’m excited.  Meanwhile I need to get my butt in gear and actually concentrate on my freelance writing or I will never make the money to get me on my way.

Comet and I are going off on a bus test run on the bolt bus to Seattle.  A friend from college and her husband recently moved to Seattle and we are going to crash at their place for a couple days.  I want to see the Space Needle.  I’ve lived three hours from Seattle most of my life and I’ve never been there.

Most lame blog post ever!