This should be a short post as I’ve not much to report.  Unless everyone wants to read about my outing last night in which I took on the role of DD for the first time in my life.

Here I am back in Portland, Oregon.  I love my family/friends and I like Portland.  I missed my friends and everyone.  I also feel an intense let down being here again.  I’m scared that I will never leave.  The last 5 years seems to have been a series of bright ideas falling into the great pit that is my own fear.  I apparently enjoy self sabotage.

Comet seems to miss the hostel but I think I’m probably projecting my feelings onto my innocent and currently sleeping dog.   Why my dog sleeps on his back like this I do not know.  However it is funny and cute.



Maybe I post a little too much about my puppy.  However, ask me if I care.


Now I just have to save up to take off on my epic journey.  I’m possibly thinking Tucson first.  I’m excited.  Meanwhile I need to get my butt in gear and actually concentrate on my freelance writing or I will never make the money to get me on my way.

Comet and I are going off on a bus test run on the bolt bus to Seattle.  A friend from college and her husband recently moved to Seattle and we are going to crash at their place for a couple days.  I want to see the Space Needle.  I’ve lived three hours from Seattle most of my life and I’ve never been there.

Most lame blog post ever!