As I was Saying… …Yeah I’m Proud of Myself

There I was, panicking about a lack of work and as usual I was freaking out too soon.  Granted, I didn’t get a million dollar book deal or anything (I think one has to write a book first).  Nevertheless, I did get a blog published and hopefully some more jobs with them in the future.

I got paid a decent amount of money.  Nothing to sneeze at for one blog.  However, I am not excited about the money.  I’m excited because I was both paid for writing the blog and the blog was published under my name.  Thus far all of my work has been ghostwriting.  Ghostwriting jobs are fine with me.  I’m not as worried about getting my name out there as I am about making money.  I’m a poor writer, I have student loans and let’s face it I goof off instead of writing and making money a lot.  Despite my attitude, there is something really satisfying about having my name on something that I got money to write.

So, In honor of my self satisfaction, I am going to share my blog on all of my internet social sharing mediums.  Besides, some people actually might find it useful.

Hey look!  It mentions Baylor and NAIWE 🙂