Trying to Find a Hostel to Exchange Work for in June

I’ve set a date for my departure to my Epic trip.  I’m leaving as close to June first as possible, give or take a day or two.  Money or no, ready or not I’m going.  If I have to walk barefoot and naked with nothing but my dog and some dog food to get out of here I will.  Of course, I’ll have money, shoes and clothes.  However, my worry is where I will go.

Finding a hostel that will let me do work exchange and have a dog will be tricky tricky.  Most hostels don’t allow guests with dogs at all.  While Comet is a service dog and I could just show up with him without mentioning him at all when applying for a work exchange position, that would be terrible form.  Besides, the hostel could make up another reason to kick me out even if they cannot legally reject a service dog.

I want to start in the mountain region of the US.  Although, I don’t want to go to Colorado.  Nothing against Colorado but I have family there.  They might insist I visit and two of those family members are people to which I am not speaking.  Besides, I want to start closer to the west coast and make my way over.  I’m thinking Montana or Utah.  This one hostel in Montana has propane lamps.  I want to light propane lamps.  I also really want to be out in the country or a small town.  I’m so tired of the city.  I never thought I would say that but I loved Birch Bay.  I miss Birch Bay.  *sniff*

Anyway, if I need to camp I will camp.  That could be fun too.  They make these tiny tents for one person and some gear.  Comet counts as gear.  Just will have to find a camping site with wifi I guess.  I can’t wait to take off.  Wanderlust is a powerful thing.

Oh and look!  Zombie Comet

Zombie Comet