A note about being a dyslexic writer:

Such a thing rarely happens.  Dyslexic people do not become writers.  Dyslexic people work at Wal-Mart barely being able to read.  Dyslexic people get really bad grades on history tests involving maps.  Dyslexics do not finish even high school and are lucky if they are literate.

I don’t know any other dyslexic writers.  Writers are not dyslexic; they are perfect grammarians.  Writers always know where every coma goes.  Writers rarely make money with their writing and are proud of it.

I am a dyslexic writer.  I don’t know how becoming a writer happened.  It’s a wonder I learned to read.  However, for some reason I was stubborn enough to become hooked on writing and get into a good college.  I’ve been writing purposely since I was 12 years old.  Somehow I graduated with a B-ish average (thank you math and overly difficult freshman geology class) while working 2-3 jobs and carrying on a reasonable social life.  Somehow I managed to get a few writing gigs.  Nevertheless, if it was not for spell checker I never would have even finished high school.

Often I make grotesque grammar mistakes and catch a lot of flak for it.  I’m sure most of my blog posts resemble a lot of high school student’s Facebook statuses.  (Ok, so nothing can be that bad.)  I am not shy about being dyslexic but I try not to make it an excuse.  I’ve seen my brother who has Asperger’s play the mental/learning disorder card too many times.  Mostly the criticism comes from other writers.  The more stressed out and the faster I write the more mistakes fly from my finger tips.  Mix being dyslexic with often being impulsive and careless and one often ends up with dramatically awkward occurrences.  Additionally I am a bipolar and anxiety disorder ridden individual so stress and impulsive actions happen frequently.

So, I apologize for my life.  I apologize for the fact that I have a learning disability.  I apologize for my myriad of mental and emotional disorders.  I apologize that I am not a real writer, a perfect writer or even really a good writer.  I apologize that I suck at commas, spelling, directions and more.  Most of all, I apologize that I plague other’s with my poorly written and distasteful posts.