A Post to Prove I’m still Alive…Or Something

            I’ve not written much in my blog for ages.  At least a two or more weeks.  I’m working on gathering enough money and getting things I need to get done here finished to go on my hostel/whatever Greyhound bus US hopping trip.  Even though I plan to work while I go I still need to get everything together before I go.  It’s beginning to seem like it might be a little less epic and a little more stressful.  It’s also taking way longer to put together than I thought.  I’ll get there.  I’ve just little patience.


Recently I was thinking about something we talked about in one of my writing classes with my favorite professor.  We were talking about how sometimes one is writing and thinking “damn I’m good”, other times one is writing and thinking “so not my best work” and then there are other times when one is thinking “well I just suck now.”  These are thoughts that I hope every writer has felt.

            If a writer doesn’t feel at times that their writing is just miserable than he or she will never improve his or her writing.  Usually the writings that come out as garbage are creative works but not always.  Every writer can improve no matter what genre they write.  A friend who was in my good creative writing class in college – I had another creative writing class after that, one which was a waste of time and credits – posted recently about how sometimes he writes something that is absolute garbage but he is still emotionally attached to it.  Those are the works that one never shows anyone but keeps it away to love and cherish.

            Then there are those stories, blogs, articles or whatever that one writes and knows it will just pass.  It’s not like those writings are bad they just aren’t good.  For me, most of those are blogs, articles and yes, college essays written for students who pay me money to let them plagiarize off of me.  (No, I will not feel bad for benefitting off of other’s laziness.  Sorry angry middle aged lady who tried to shame me.  Although I have an obsessive left over pastor’s daughter syndrome of trying to please everyone and getting upset when I can’t.  So I guess good job angry middle aged lady, you made me upset.)  Those tend to be things that are subjects that I have no interest in whatsoever.  For instance, I was writing web-content for a client who had a site that had to real estate and I was so uninterested.  Those articles had no passion in them but he liked the so I suppose they were readable.

            Finally, there are those times when I’m writing – and I’d imagine all other writers and creative people – and I don’t know if what I’m writing is good or not but I feel on fire.  Sometimes those stories, articles, blogs or whatever come out as true garbage.  Rarely are people very kind when they point that out.  However, sometimes those words resound with readers and that is wonderful.  It’s those times that actually keeps people writing.  At least they are the times that keep me writing.  The last thing any writer wants to be is that person who keeps writing but it’s all horrible.

            I suppose I’ve probably over thought this.  However, it was fun for me to write.  Excuse me while I go off to overthink my next thought.