Taking So Much Longer

I’d planned it out and I was determined.  I was going to leave around the first of June to go on my Epic Adventure.  I was going to jump on a Greyhound bus and travel with the wind.

As always things didn’t work out.  The amount of writing gigs I was getting slowed for the summer and without work there is no money.  I could just go on foot I suppose but I’m not that crazy and I need to buy some dog food energy bar things for my dog.  I can go without food for a while, Comet cannot.

These dog food bars are actually a really cool solution to traveling with a dog.  http://www.turbopup.com/ . They make them in La Pine, Oregon.  There is another brand but the bars were vegetarian.  Screw that stuff.  Obviously I would only use those bars while traveling on the bus.  They are expensive.

I think I may have a position starting in September in a hostel in San Diego.  This is the hostel: http://www.hostelon3rd.com/#!home/mainPage .  It looks like ever so much fun.  I have a friend from college who just moved to San Diego so I will get to see her again.  I’ve always wanted to see a non-Oregon beach.  Although I differ from most people as I love the way Oregon beaches are almost always stormy.

The woman who called me and left a voicemail about the position sounded excited about Comet.  She said they were thinking about getting a mascot dog.  I emailed her back saying that Comet loves attention and would adore being a test mascot.

Ultimately waiting until September might work out well.  I applied for Partial disability due to my bipolar and I’m supposed to hear back in August or something.  The older I get the more it disrupts my work.  Even writing.  I get low swings and I can’t focus or I feel like I’m wading through clear jello.  I want to still write part time but I don’t want to be SOL if I have a lot of bad days one month.  I can live fairly well on next to nothing better than most people.  I doubt I’ll get disability though.

Additionally, I want to go to Texas to see my grandma in July or August.  Her health is declining and I want to see her before it is too late.  A bus trip to Texas still costs money so I hope I get more work soon.  Yes, I am hoping to get money so I can pay to visit Texas during the most miserable time of year there.  I am certifiably crazy after all.

Anyway, that is my update on my adventure.  Right now I am bumming at my parent’s house like a loser.  I never pictured myself as someone who would be almost 30 and still living with her parents.  I didn’t even like living at my parent’s house when I was a kid.  I just wanted to be independent.  Yes, I am having a pity party.  No, I don’t have cookies or chips and dip.  However, I can play some depressing music if you like.