Much Disappointment

I’ve not written in a long time.  Months and months it seems.  There are a couple reasons why I’ve not written.

My adventure has seemed to hit a hard, seemingly unmovable rock.  I just wasn’t getting enough writing work.  Things were going well and then there was nothing.  Sure, I got to play tons of video games but I wasn’t getting anywhere.  My Epic Journey that was supposed to start in June got moved and moved until it seemed pointless to update on it.

Also, I could not think of much to write.  Nobody wants to hear about how I made it to level 1 billion or whatever in Skyrim.

So, an update on my situation?

You would think with all the free time I would write something awesome.  That didn’t happen.  It’s depressing.  So, I’ve basically gotten nowhere.

I starting dating a guy.  It’s an odd odd thing to be dating someone after so long.  An even stranger thing to not be dating a complete ass hat.  Even more bizarre is that he’s really probably my first actual boyfriend.  It’s on Facebook and everything.  (So many depressing stories to explain all that.) This makes Portland not so bad right now.  It also makes me feel a little guilty that I’m trying to leave.

I had to get a part time job.  I got a job at a salon/spa in an upscale part of Portland.  I’m a “retail advisor.”  Basically I am a front desk person who has to sell makeup and Aveda products and check people in/out for appointments.  I have to always wear makeup at work and dress all in black.  I have to look trendy and upscale.  Here all I want to do is hobo it across the US on a bus.  How weird is that?

Literally on the first day of my job I got some writing work.  It’s kind of ridiculous.  I’ve also been made the only writer for a company that does product descriptions and other web content.  Not really sure how I’m going to manage all of this work.

So, here I am.  A job, a boyfriend (not that having a boyfriend is bad, it’s tons of fun but it does have a settled down ring to it I think) and still stuck in my parent’s house.  Plus I can’t be with Comet all the time.  The little booger has such bad separation anxiety.  He barks like crazy or poops all over the house.  He also chewed up his little portable water dish when he was in his crate.  Not good.  I don’t know what to do.

I actually was about to get over the Greyhound idea.  I really feel like at this point all of my adventures are over no matter how un-epic were those adventures.  I’m pushing 30 and I live with my parents.  I’m pretty sure there isn’t really anything good going for me.

However, someone (a young lady of 15 who sounds awesome and who appreciated my broken hearted ramblings about Shadow) posted something super encouraging in my “Qualifications” section.

Also, one of my friends had an interesting idea about crowd sharing.  Maybe I will look into that.  Not 100% sure exactly what crowd sharing is but it could be cool.

Maybe it will take longer but I’ll get there… … … maybe?  My plan is to build the college paper freelancing thing (I know, I know I’m a horrible person…suck it) to where I have freelancers and I just pay them to do all the work.  Then I could focus on my writing.  Even though I’m old as dirt and only getting older, things could work out.  It seems like after 30 there is no point to having adventures.

I might go back to my original idea and drive rather than take Greyhound though.  Especially since finding a hostel that will let me have Comet is hard.  With a car I could do more than just work in hostels and I could always sleep in my car if desperate.

Anyway, hopefully this won’t be put off till forgotten.  I was starting to send my epic adventure to the pile of other lost dreams.

Also, here are some Comet and Gracie pics because those will make anyone feel better.

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