I’ve not been terribly good about this blog thing….

Damn is my blog out of date.  I guess I’ve not been writing it because nothing has gone the way I wanted.  I did not go on my road trip.  In fact, I’ve ended up falling in love and getting an apartment with my boyfriend.  Craziness.  So much for my solitude save my dog.

I do still do some freelance writing but I got a part time job working the front desk of a salon/spa, found another front desk position at another salon/spa and start will be working there somewhat full time.

What should I write about?  Nobody wants to hear about me working in a salon or me trying to learn how to live with a significant other.  I don’t want to hear about that.

Mark (the new boy toy) and I have been talking about going to teach English in Korea soon.  However, that seems like another fantasy of mine that will never happen.  It’s like how I was going to take summer school in France in college and how I was going to do my archaeology field school in Ireland.  None of that happened.  The road trip is just another forgotten dream and so will be any travel or moving to Korea ideas.

Please don’t misunderstand.  Being in love is cool.  Entertaining, fun, exciting even.  I can’t wait to see where my relationship brings me.  However, it isn’t the random and exciting life I wanted.  The only “living by the seat of my pants” I’m doing is the struggle to pay my bills every month.

This has been more whining by Leslie Jones.  I’ll write something more entertaining shortly.