These are small samples of articles I’ve written. I’ve written much longer ebooks, however, as a ghost writer I can only share what I’ve not sold.  Contact me for further samples and information.  

Sample #1:

How to Take Your Dog Camping

Very few things can make a camping trip better then it is already. However, bringing along you four legged friends can greatly increase the camping experience. Dogs are great camping companions. They are always pleasant company, love hiking, and can be nice space heaters when it is cold at night. They get to be outside, they get to explore a new place and most importantly they are with their person. As much fun as it is to take your dog camping, it is a little more work. Some dogs have difficulty being away from home and others are difficult to handle while camping. Here are some tips to taking your dog camping smoothly.

  1. Before you take your dog camping overnight try taking him or her on a day trip. This will give you two advantages. First it will let you see how your dog reacts in new situations. Second it will give your dog the chance to get used to doing activities that are not part of his or her routine. Dogs are creatures of habit. As a dog experiences traveling, he or she becomes used to always going new places.
  2. Travel dog gear is great to have. A travel dog water dish is something anyone who travels anywhere with a dog should keep. You should also consider a harness for the car. In case of a car wreck, a loose dog can be fatal for the humans and the dogs in the car. Bring plenty of dog food. Make sure you have proper bedding for the dog and something that will keep the dog off of the ground to protect him or her from the cold. Even if your dog does well off leash, you should bring a leash just in case. For some dogs, a travel crate is very helpful. Be sure and bring plenty of doggie cleanup bags. Don’t contribute to giving dog owners the bad reputation of not cleaning up after their pets.
  3. Make sure you are up to date on all vaccinations, flea medication and heart worm prevention. Other campers may have dogs. You don’t want your dog catching or spreading disease. Also, if your dog is not fixed, be extra diligent about keeping your dog separate from other dogs. Spaying or neutering your dog is always preferable. Fleas are extra abundant when outside. Be sure and have your dog current on flea prevention before taking him or her camping. Dogs can get diseases and parasites from fleas such as skin diseases tape worms. Also, make sure your dog is current on heart worm prevention. Heart worms can be fatal! Don’t let your fun camping adventure result in death!

As an extra caution: make sure that your dog is healthy enough for camping. The trip will not be fun if your dog is sick. Also, make sure your dog is other animal and people friendly. Remember, children are often allowed to run wild at campsites and children do not always understand boundaries. Children and dogs are equally as unpredictable. As long as you prepare, know your dog and bring the proper items; camping with our dog will be one of the best experiences of your life.

Sample #2:

3 Strange Items to Put in Your Survival Kit

If you are going to be doing any camping or hiking in the wilderness away from people you should be sure and carry a survival kit. Certainly you know the basics such as band-aids and flairs but what about some more unusual items. These items may seem odd to carry on a hiking trip but they could save your life.

  1. A 5 Hour Energy or a similar energy shot could be valuable. First, they are small and easy to carry. Second, they are great shots of energy if you need a temporary boost. Also, if you are a caffeine addict and can’t function without caffeine, a small container of extreme caffeine can keep you going and keep you from getting those jolly lack of caffeine headaches. Make sure you are able to drink plenty of water along with the energy shot. Caffeine can dehydrate you and if you are somewhere that does not have enough water, drinking a dehydrating liquid is a foolish idea.
  2. Another bizarre and useful survival item is a small bottle of hard liquor. Most liquor stores sell tiny bottles of liquor for less then $3. Alcohol can be used to disinfect a wound if you are out hiking. If you are camping, a little bottle of hard liquor goes further then a can of beer. Do not drink alcohol to try and keep warm. Even though you initially feel warm, you will ultimately become colder from drinking alcohol. Also, if you do not have plenty of water alcohol will dehydrate you and could kill you. If you are truly lost in the wilderness and in need of survival strategies, drinking booze will not help you. However, if you are lost and injure yourself it will clean a cut.
  3. The most unusual survival item in this list is a non-lubricated condom. A non-lubricated condom is a great way to store water. It comes in a tiny package and expands. The top of the condom can be tied off like a balloon. If you do use the condom to store water, first fill it and put the water filled condom inside a sock for protection. This will keep the condom from getting popped and leaking.

Your survival kit should include many items but there is no reason you can’t have fun and get use out of strange survival items. Hopefully you will never be in an emergency and need to use these items for that purpose. If nothing else, you can enjoy the look on friend’s faces when they pull a condom and a bottle of booze from your survival kit.

Sample #3:

Strippers: 5 Things Men Should Know

Often times men see strippers as either low life, desperate women or they view strippers as untouchable fantasies. What men often don’t understand is that strippers are more often neither desperate and underprivileged nor exulted goddesses. Strippers are business women and very good business women.

Here are 5 things men should know about these women who work in the stripping industry.

1. Women who strip are not forced into it. These are not weak women who have been sold into sex slavery. These are women who have the looks to strip and take advantage of a high yielding source of income. Many strippers are very sensual women who have simply found a safe and legal way to use their sexuality. Don’t go into strip clubs thinking your favorite stripper is dependent upon you. She may be dependent on customers but you are only one of many and she is there because she wants to be there.

2. Many strippers are well educated. A lot of university students work as strippers. With good reason. What other job is going to let you work so few hours and make so much money? With the economic downturn, more and more college graduates are sticking with their stripping career. Some may have a day job and some may depend on their stripping wholly as their income. Either way, these are women who have or are in the process of getting degrees equal to those of business people who are considered highly educated. Remember, when you are talking to a stripper, you may be conversing with a woman who holds a PhD.

3. Strippers are normal women who live real lives. Trust me, just like a teacher does not live at school, a stripper does not live at the strip club. These women have significant others, parents, sometimes children, friends, and other hobbies. Women who strip enjoy curling up in warm pajamas and watching chick flicks as much as a women who works retail. When you go to a strip club don’t forget that these are real people who have emotions and enjoy the same mundane things that everyone else enjoys.

4. Strippers make good money. According to an articles written in 2011 on Forbes.com, strippers can make between $2000 to $4500 a month working less than 100 hours per month. That number is with the current economic downturn and is almost completely from tips. Your favorite stripper is possibly making more than you do, don’t knock that. 

5. These are smart and talented business women. Stripping is a business and one that takes skill. Stripping isn’t just about standing on stage and taking one’s clothes off. A stripper knows how to put on a show. She knows what to provide to customers and she is good at giving men the thing that made them come to the club. Even though you are going out to have fun, remember that this is still a business transaction and strippers deserve to be treated with respect. Besides, a little decorum may give a little extra umph to your tip and award you more attention.